2                   Project Description


2.1                 Project Scope


2.1.1            The scope of the Project comprises:

(i)                  Local roads and engineering infrastructure for TCS, PSK and remaining areas of TKL.

(ii)                Local engineering infrastructure for the proposed recreational development at TKO Stage 1 Landfill.

(iii)               Modification of existing infrastructure to serve TCS development.

(iv)              WCR to provide an additional linkage between TKO and the main urban area.

(v)                CBL to provide a linkage between the western and south-eastern areas of TKO as well as a direct linkage from south-eastern areas of TKO to Kowloon via the WCR, bypassing the New Town Centre.

(vi)              Road P2 to provide an extension of Po Shun Road to connect with WCR.



2.2                 Project Programme


2.2.1            The Project construction works are anticipated to commence in January 2008 with completion of the Project by December 2017 with all the major roads such as WCR, CBL and Road P2 in operation by December 2016 (the remaining year is for laying of salt water main along Wan Po Road).