Table 8.1          Summary of Key Environmental Outcomes/Benefits



Environmental Outcomes/Benefits and Mitigation Measures


Population and environmentally sensitive areas protected

If all helicopters are operated at the proposed new helipad, the Shun Tak Centre Offices would provide noise screening effect to about 12,000 people at residential buildings within 500m of the study area.




Environmental Outcomes/Benefits and Mitigation Measures


Environmentally friendly designs recommended


The proposed helipad is located behind the Shun Tak Centre which would provide screening effect to the nearby noise sensitive receivers.


Key Environmental Problems Avoided

(1) The helicopter noise exceedance arising from proposed new helipad alone would be avoided or (2) the cumulative noise levels from the existing and new helipads at the representative NSRs would not be worse than the existing allowable helipad operation conditions (less than 1.0 dB(A) increase) as


(i)                   Proposed helipad is located behind Shun Tak Centre such that many noise sensitive receivers have no direct line of sight on the helicopter operation during hovering and idling mode;

(ii)                 The use of noisy helicopter S92 or helicopter with noise emission larger than helicopter S76C+ is not recommended for proposed new helipad;

(iii)                flight frequency arrangement control.


Note:    The Project would not involve the use of renewable energy and would not require any compensation areas.