Table 9.2          Implementation Schedule for Water Quality Control


EIA Ref #

Environmental Protection Measures / Mitigation Measures

Location / Timing

Implementation Agent

Implementation Stages*

Relevant Legislation and Guidelines




Construction Phase

S4.18 –S4.20

Construction Site Runoff and General Construction Activities

·          The practices outlined in ProPECC PN 1/94 Construction Site Drainage should be adopted where applicable, to minimise the potential water quality impacts from construction site runoff and various construction activities. 

·          There is a need to apply to EPD for a discharge licence for discharging effluent from the construction site, if any. The discharge quality is required to meet the requirements specified in the discharge licence. Any wastewater generated from the works areas should be treated so that it satisfies all the standards listed in the TM-DSS.  It is anticipated that the wastewater generated from the works areas, if any, would be of small quantity.

·          Good site practices should be adopted to collect the rubbish and litter on the construction sites so as to prevent the rubbish and litter from spreading from the site area.  It is recommended to clean the construction sites on a regular basis.

·          Scavenging service for collecting any materials/ waste loss from the site into the sea should be provided on a need basis.



Work site / during  construction period





















S4.21 – S4.22

Sewage from Workforce

·          The presence of construction workers generates sewage.  The construction workers can make use of the existing toilet facilities within the MFT, as necessary. If required, sufficient portable chemical toilets should be provided in the works areas, and a licensed collector should be deployed for appropriate disposal and maintenance of the toilets on a regular basis. 

·          Notices should be posted at conspicuous locations to remind the workers not to discharge any sewage or wastewater into the nearby environment during the construction phase of the Project.  Regular environmental audit on the construction site can provide an effective control of any malpractices and can achieve continual improvement of environmental performance on site.  It is anticipated that sewage generation during the construction phase of the Project would not cause water pollution problem after undertaking all required measures.


Work site / during  construction period







Accidental Spillage of Chemicals

Any service shop and maintenance facilities should be located within a bunded area, and sumps and oil interceptors should be provided. Maintenance of equipment involving activities with potential for leakage and spillage should only be undertaken within the areas appropriately equipped to control these discharges.

Work site / during construction period






Operation Phase


Handling of Site Drainage and Effluent

For operational stage effluent handling, treatment and disposal, the practices outlined in ProPECC PN 5/93 should be adopted where applicable.

Project site/ during design stage and operational phase

Project proponent




WPCO, Building Regulations, Waste Disposal Ordinance

#              All recommendations and requirements resulted during the course of EIA/EA Process, including ACE and / or accepted public comment to the proposed Project.

*               D = Design, C = Construction and O = Operation