4.         AIR QUALITY   


4.1        Site audits are required to ensure that the dust control measures presented in the EIA Report are properly implemented.  Environmental audit of dust generation from the site should be carried out by the ET to ensure that any deteriorating air quality could be readily detected and timely action taken to rectify the situation.  The objectives of the site audit of air quality impacts shall be:

·         to identify the extent of any construction dust impacts on sensitive receivers;

·         to determine the effectiveness of mitigation measures to control fugitive dust emission from activities during construction phase;

·         to audit the compliance of the Contractor with regard to dust control and contract conditions; and;

·         to recommend further mitigation measures if found to be necessary.

Mitigation Measures

4.2        The EIA Report recommended dust mitigation measures during the construction phase of the Project.  The Contractor shall be responsible for the design and implementation of these measures.

4.3        Dust mitigation measures stipulated in the Air Pollution Control (Construction Dust) Regulation should be incorporated in the contract document to control potential dust emission from the site.  Major control measures are listed below:

·             skip hoist for material transport should be totally enclosed by impervious sheeting;

·             every stock of more than 20 bags of cement should be covered entirely by impervious sheeting and placed in an area sheltered on the top and the 3 sides;

·             all dusty materials should be sprayed with water prior to any loading, unloading or transfer operation so as to maintain the dusty materials wet;

·             the load of dusty materials carried by vehicles leaving a construction site should be covered entirely by clean impervious sheeting to ensure dust materials do not leak from the vehicle;

·             the contractor shall not burn debris or other materials on the work areas.

4.4        The implementation schedule for the recommended mitigation measures is presented in Appendix A.