2                     PROJECT DESCRIPTION


Location and Scale of Project


2.1               The MFT is a busy cross-boundary ferry terminal.  The location of the proposed expansion works at the existing heliport at the rooftop of the MFT is shown in Figure 1.1. 


2.2               The development and operation of the Project comprises the following major items:


(a)     Construction of a new elevated landing/take-off helipad of size of about 42m x 42m to the east of the existing helipad;


(b)     Construction of a taxiway to connect the existing and proposed helipads;


(c)     Renovation, extension and re-location of the existing heliport supporting facilities, e.g. passenger lounge, crew office and flight control room;


(d)     Provision of additional means of access, e.g. escalators and access to/from the helipads; and


(e)     Expansion of the existing helipad from size of about 29.75m x 29.75m to about 32m x 32m.


2.3               The existing helipad is permitted to operate from 8:00 am to 10:59 pm everyday and the operating hours of the expanded helipad would remain the same. 


Project Programme


2.4               The construction works for the expanded heliport are tentatively estimated to commence in mid 2006 for completion in about end 2007.