7                                            Visual Illustration

7.1                                      Introduction

As requested by the study brief in section 3.4.7 Visual Illustration, this section reviews the potential visibility of the proposal.

The main components of this section of the report involve an analysis of the following:

·         The existing site and surrounds;

·         The proposed modifications to the development;

·         The potential visibility of the retro-fit works.

7.1.1                                The existing site

The existing site is located on the western side of Lamma Island as shown in Figure 7.1.  The site is currently used as a power station and is characterised by large scale industrial infrastructure.

Figure 7.1       Location of the Proposed Retrofit

Figure 7.1 shows the existing site from the air.  It is clear that the site is dominated by the existing power station. The site is surrounded by water to the east, south and west, with some shrub land and small buildings to the north.

7.1.2                                The proposed modifications

The following works will be undertaken:

The layout of the proposed new facilities within the existing power station is shown in Figures 1.1 and 1.2.

Figure 7.2 shows the general location of the proposed FGD units, (the existing tanks are red in colour). The location is surrounded by heavy industrial infrastructure associated with electricity generation.

Figure 7.2       General Location of Proposed FGD Units

Proposed Colour Scheme

Figure 7.3 is a 3D model showing the location and size of the proposed retrofit. This shows the scale of the retrofit works which will be relatively small with respect to the existing facilities on the site.

Figure 7.3       3D Model of the Proposed FGD Retrofit

7.1.3    Proposed Colour Scheme

The absorber and ductwork would be enclosed by aluminium cladding that will complement the existing surrounding industrial facility. The new FGD Switchgear and Electrical Equipment Building will be finished in light grey colours that will complement with existing buildings.

7.1.4                                Impact on the Surrounding Landscape

The proposed retrofit will have no impact on the surrounding landscape as all the works are contained within the boundary of the existing power station.

7.2                                      Visibility of the Proposed Works

The potential visibility of the proposal was examined from two locations, from Hung Shing Yeh Beach (VP 1) and from the walking trail between Kat Tsai Wan and Tit Sha Long (VP2). These locations are shown below in Figure 7.4. The approximate distance to the site of the proposed retrofit works is about 1100 m from VP1 and 1700 m from VP2.

Figure 7.4       Selected ViewPoints towards Existing Site


Figure 7.5       View from VP1 towards Existing Site

Figure 7.5 above is a view towards the existing facility taken from VP 1, Hung Shing Yeh Beach. The retrofit facilities may be visible from this location, however, given the industrial surroundings within which the new facilities will be located, the visibility of the new facilities will be low.


Figure 7.6 shows the view towards the existing site when viewed from the south-east, VP2. This gives an indication of the scale of the existing facilities (the chimney stacks are 210 metres tall).

Figure 7.6       View from VP2 towards Existing Site

The proposed works will be located adjacent to the middle chimney stack. The retrofit works will be hidden from view by the existing infrastructure and from this viewpoint they will not be visible.

The location of the retrofit within the existing infrastructure will be hidden from external views to the site. Therefore the visibility of the works will be insignificant.

7.3                                      Conclusion

The proposed retrofit works will not have any negative impact on the surrounding landscape, and will have a very low visibility for the following reasons:

·         The location for the proposed retrofit works is within a large existing industrial facility;

·         There will be no impacts on the surrounding landscape area;

·         The new infrastructure will be finished to complement the existing industrial surroundings;

The relatively small scale of the retrofit works within the existing facility means the works will have a low visibility.