Table 6.4       Summary of Waste Handling Procedures and Disposal Routes

Waste Material Type

Generated from works item

Total Quantity Generated

Quantity to be disposed off-site



C&D Material

Site formation; 

Construction of tunnel for Funicular Train


1,328,500 m3


1,317,900 m3

To be reused on-site (10,600 m3)


To be disposed to public fill reception points for other beneficial uses (1,317,900 m3)


To be disposed to landfill  (42,750 m3)

Segregate volcanic rock to avoid contamination from other waste.

Covered conveyor belt to transfer C&D material to barging point

General Refuse

Waste paper, discarded containers, etc. generated from workforce


1,300 kg per day (preliminary estimate based on workforce of 2,000)


1,300 kg per day

Refuse station for compaction and containerisation and then to landfill

Provide on-site refuse collection points

Chemical Waste

Cleansing fluids, solvent, lubrication oil and fuel from construction plant and equipment


Few cubic metres per month

(preliminary estimate)


Few cubic metres per month

(preliminary estimate)


Chemical Waste Treatment Centre

Recycle on-site or by licensed companies.

Stored on-site within suitably designed containers