Table 7.3          Potential Contaminative Areas/Activities in the Hong Kong School of Motoring


Site Descriptions

Potential Contaminants

Petrol filling station with underground fuel storage tank

Unleaded petrol which is stored in an underground fuel tank is used by the private vehicles of the motoring school.  Two fuel dispensers were noted and no apparent stain was observed on the paved ground.

Petroleum product

Fuel interceptors

Five interceptors are located adjacent to the underground fuel storage tanks.  All possible spillage during vehicle refuelling is collected through a series of channels into the fuel interceptor.

Petroleum product

Vehicle maintenance workshop

The workshop is for maintenance of the private vehicles of the motoring school. The ground was paved with concrete but the vehicle repairing area was found with apparent oil stain.

Paint, chlorinated solvent, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil

Chemical waste storage area

Drums of oils including hydraulic oil and engine oil were stored at the chemical waste storage area located at the south east corner of the site. The drums were placed without drip trays and apparent stains were observed in the drum storage area.

Chlorinated solvent, petroleum product, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil