Agreement No. CE 35/2006(CE)

Kai Tak Development Engineering Study

cum Design and Construction of Advance Works

– Investigation, Design and Construction



Decommissioning of the former kai tak Airport

other than the north apron

environmental monitoring and audit manual





6............ Noise Impact. 33

6.1        Introduction. 33

6.2        Mitigation Measures. 33




List of Appendices

Appendix A       Implementation Schedule of the Proposed Mitigation Measures


6                          Noise Impact

6.1                    Introduction

6.1.1               The findings of the EIA study indicated that no adverse construction noise impacts would be expected on the noise sensitive receivers (NSRs) in the vicinity of the work areas of the Project in view of the large separate distance between the potential construction noise sources and the NSRs.  Construction noise monitoring is therefore not considered necessary.  However, regular site audit (see Section 9 of this Manual) is required to ensure proper implementation of the proposed good site practices.

6.2                    Mitigation Measures

6.2.1               In order to ameliorate the construction noise impacts, good site practices listed below should be adopted by all the Contractors:

·            Only well-maintained plant should be operated on-site and plant should be serviced regularly during the construction program;

·            Mobile plant, if any, should be sited as far away from NSRs as possible;

·            Machines and plant (such as trucks) that may be in intermittent use should be shut down between works periods or should be throttled down to a minimum;

·            Plant known to emit noise strongly in one direction should, wherever possible, be orientated so that the noise is directed away from the nearby NSRs;

·            Material stockpiles and other structures should be effectively utilised, wherever practicable, in screening noise from on-site construction activities.

6.2.2               The implementation schedule for the recommended mitigation measures is presented in Appendix A.