Agreement No. CE 35/2006(CE)

Kai Tak Development Engineering Study

cum Design and Construction of Advance Works

– Investigation, Design and Construction



decommissioning of the former kai tak airport

other than the north apron

environmental monitoring and audit manual






7............ Impact on CULTURAL HERITAGE. 35

7.1        Introduction. 35




7                          Impact on CULTURAL HERITAGE

7.1                    Introduction

7.1.1               The impact assessment on cultural heritage as presented in the EIA Report has reviewed the cultural heritage significance of a number of heritage resources remaining within the boundary of the former Kai Tak Airport included Wind Pole (WP-1) (near the middle of the former runway), Wind Pole (WP-2) (near the southern tip of the former runway), Wind Pole (WP-3) (adjacent to Fire Station C), Airport Pier, Fire Station B and the associated pier, Fire Station C, and the seawall and runway.

7.1.2               The assessment concluded that all the examined heritage resources are of low cultural heritage significance and none of the heritage resources examined will be affected by this Project, no monitoring and audit programme specific for cultural heritage would be required.