Agreement No. CE 35/2006(CE)

Kai Tak Development Engineering Study

cum Design and Construction of Advance Works

– Investigation, Design and Construction



Decommissioning of the former kai tak airport

other than the north apron

environmental monitoring and audit Manual





8............ MARINE ECOLOGY IMpact. 37




8                          MARINE ECOLOGY IMpact

8.1.1               In accordance with the findings of the EIA study, this Project will not result in significant ecological impact on marine habitats and associated marine life and no mitigation measure is considered necessary.  The mitigation measures recommended in Section 4.3 of this Manual to alleviate the water quality impacts associated with this Project would also serve to protect marine ecological resources from indirect impacts resulted from this Project.

8.1.2               As stated in Section 4.2 of this Manual, regular site audits should be carried out to ensure that the recommended water quality mitigation measures are implemented properly.  No monitoring programme specific for marine ecology would be required.