11.1                 Introduction

11.2                 Review of Report NO: SDA8827

11.3                 Mitigation of Adverse Impacts

11.4                 Residual Environmental Impact

11.5                 Environmental Monitoring and Audit Requirements

11.6                 Conclusion




11                CULTURAL HERITAGE

11.1          Introduction

11.1.1        A desktop review of relevant available marine archaeological information and relevant geophysical data within the project area of the Cross-habour water mains from Wan Chai to Tsim Sha Tsui was conducted by a qualified marine archaeologist.  The results of the review are presented below. 

11.2          Review of Report NO: SDA8827

11.2.1        In May 2001 the AMO commissioned SDA Marine Ltd to undertake a MAI for Wanchai Reclamation Phase II. In accordance with AMO Guidelines the MAI comprised: Baseline Review, Geophysical Survey and Underwater Inspection. 

11.2.2        The study area exactly replicated the current study area with the exception of a small section at North Point adjacent to the Causeway Bay typhoon shelter.  It can therefore be assumed that the results of the previous study are directly applicable to the current project.

11.2.3        The Baseline Review indicated a high marine archaeological potential as the study area has always been at the centre of development and industry within Victoria Harbour.  However, the marine archaeological potential is diminished by the existing reclamation and associated disturbance on the seabed.

11.2.4        The geophysical survey deployed: echo sounder, seismic profiler and side scan sonar.  The survey was commissioned to meet the needs of the MAI and therefore the methodology was designed to enhance acquisition of archaeological data. 

11.2.5        The survey provided 200% coverage of the seabed and subsurface sediments.  Nine anomalies were identified in the survey data. A diver inspection was carried out to obtain accurate information about their archaeological potential.  Each anomaly was successfully located and examined by a diver.  There were two modern shipwrecks, four pieces of metal construction material, two large concrete blocks and a small metal container.

11.2.6        It was concluded that there were no archaeological resources within the study area and no need for any mitigation measures or constraints on the proposed development.

11.3          Mitigation of Adverse Impacts

11.3.1        Since there is no archaeological material present within the project area, there is no need for any further archaeological investigation or mitigation measures.

11.4          Residual Environmental Impact

11.4.1        No residual cultural heritage impact is expected.


11.5          Environmental Monitoring and Audit Requirements

11.5.1        There is no monitoring and audit requirement for the marine archaeology.


11.6          Conclusion

11.6.1        The results of the MAI in 2001 (Report No. SDA8827) are applicable to the current study since they cover the same seabed area.  There have not been any significant changes to the seabed since 2001 which would have affected its archaeological potential. According to the MAI in 2001, it was concluded there were no archaeological resources within the project area of the Cross-harbour water mains.