3.                   GROUND-BORNE NoISE


Construction Phase


Ground-Borne Noise Monitoring for TBM


3.1               In the EIA, it is predicted that the construction groundborne noise are well below the NCO criteria such that mitigation measures are not required.  In order to ensure proper control of groundborne noise is executed by the contractor, a groundborne noise monitoring is recommended at the critical NSR for assurance checking. Background groundborne noise shall be measured inside the NSR before the operation of TBM or vibration construction activities. Impact groundborne noise shall be monitored at the NSR when the TBM head is operating underneath the selected NSR. Critical NSR are summarized in the following table 3.1.  Construction ground-borne noise monitoring plan shall be provided by the ET and submitted to IEC and EPD for approval before operation of TBM.


Table 3.1      Construction Ground-borne Noise Monitoring Location

Monitoring Location


Kian Nan Mansion, 81-85 Bonham Strand West


106 Des Voeux Road West


Chinese Rhenish Church (Lai Yin Church) at Bonham Road


Main Building of the University of Hong Kong

Educational Institution

Hon Wah Middle School at Ching Lin Terrace

Educational Institution

Po Shu Lau, 35-43 Sands Street


Hongway Garden



Operation Phase


3.2               Trackform mitigation is required after detail assessment. In order to ensure no adverse impact generate from the operation of train. It is recommended the ET should perform a noise commissioning test at selected key noise sensitive receivers including at least but not limited to the NSR in the above table prior to operation of the project.  A summary of the operational groundborne noise criteria for the groundborne noise sensitive receivers is given in the following table:


Table 3.2      Operational Ground-borne Noise Criteria


Ground-borne Noise Criteria, dB(A)

NSR Description

Day & Evening
(0700 to 2300 hrs)

(2300 to 0700 hrs)

School – Classrooms

55 (Leq 30 mins)


Domestic premises

55 (Leq 30 mins)

45 (Leq 30 mins)