1              INTRODUCTION

1.1        Background of the Project

1.2        Project Location and Programme

1.3        Project Scope

1.4        Purpose of the Manual

1.5        Project Organization

2          NOISE IMAPCT

2.1        Introduction

2.2        Noise Parameters

2.3        Monitoring Requirement and Equipment

2.4        Monitoring Locations for Construction Phase

2.5        Baseline Monitoring for Construction Noise

2.6        Impact Monitoring for Construction Noise

2.7        Event and Action Plan

2.8        Construction Noise Mitigation Measures

2.9        Operational Traffic Noise Monitoring

3          AIR QUALITY

3.1        Introduction

3.2        Air Quality Parameters

3.3        Monitoring Requirement

3.4        Monitoring Equipment

3.5        Laboratory Measurement / Analysis

3.6        Monitoring Locations

3.7        Baseline Monitoring

3.8        Impact Monitoring

3.9        Air Quality Performance Limits

3.10      Event and Action Plan

3.11      Mitigation Measures

4          WATER QUALITY

4.1        Introduction

4.2        Construction Site Audits

4.3        Mitigation Measures


5.1        Introduction

5.2        Mitigation Measures

6          ECOLOGY

6.1        Introduction

6.2        Mitigation of Adverse Ecological Impacts


7.1        Introduction

7.2        Monitoring Requirement

7.3        Mitigation Measures


8.1        Introduction

8.2        Land Contamination Assessment


9.1        Introduction

9.2        Compliance with Legal and Contractual Requirements

9.3        Environmental Complaints

10         REPORTING

10.1      General

10.2      Baseline Monitoring Report

10.3      Monthly EM&A Reports

10.4      Quarterly EM&A Summary Reports

10.5      Final EM&A Review Report

10.6      Data Keeping

10.7      Interim Notifications of Environmental Quality Limit Exceedances



Lists of Tables

Table 2.1         Noise Monitoring Stations during Construction Phase

Table 2.2         Action and Limit Levels for Construction Noise

Table 2.3         Listing of Quiet PME Items

Table 2.4         NSRs – with Movable Noise Barrier

Table 2.5         Event/ Action Plan for Construction Noise

Table 2.6         Noise Monitoring Stations during Operation Phase

Table 3.1         Proposed Air Quality Monitoring Station

Table 3.2         Impact Monitoring Programme (TSP)

Table 3.3         Air Quality Criteria

Table 3.4        Event and Action Plan for Air Quality (Dust)

List of Figures

Figure 1.1        Site Plan

Figure 1.2        Project Organisation and Line of Communication

Figure 2.1a      Locations of Construction Noise Monitoring Stations (Sheet 1 of 3)

Figure 2.1b      Locations of Construction Noise Monitoring Stations (Sheet 2 of 3)

Figure 2.1c      Locations of Construction Noise Monitoring Stations (Sheet 3 of 3)

Figure 2.2a      Locations of Operational Traffic Noise Monitoring Stations (Sheet 1 of 3)

Figure 2.2b      Locations of Operational Traffic Noise Monitoring Stations (Sheet 2 of 3)

Figure 2.2c      Locations of Operational Traffic Noise Monitoring Stations (Sheet 3 of 3)

Figure 3.1a      Locations of Dust Monitoring Stations (Sheet 1 of 3)

Figure 3.1b      Locations of Dust Monitoring Stations (Sheet 2 of 3)

Figure 3.1c      Locations of Dust Monitoring Stations (Sheet 3 of 3)

Figure 9.1        Environmental Complain Flow Diagram



Appendix A     Implementation Schedule of Mitigation Measures

Appendix B     Sample Data Sheet for Air Quality Monitoring

Appendix C     Sample Data Sheet for Construction Noise Monitoring

Appendix D     Sample Data Sheet for Operational Traffic Noise Monitoring

Appendix E     Sample Template for Complaint Log

Appendix F      Sample Template for the Interim Notification of Exceedances