Agreement No. CE 29/2008(EP)

Engineering Investigation and Environmental

Studies for Integrated Waste Management Facilities

Phase 1 – Feasibility Study


Environmental Impact Assessment Report





List of Appendices


Appendix 3.1             Comparison of Target Emission Levels with other Relevant Standards

Appendix 3.2             Detailed Calculations of Emissions from the IWMF

Appendix 3.3             Detailed Calculations of Marine Emission for the IWMF at the Artificial Island near Shek Kwu Chau

Appendix 3.4             Summary of Emission Inventory for ISC Modelling

Appendix 3.5             Summary of Emission Inventory for PATH Modelling

Appendix 3.6             Marine Emission for PATH model

Appendix 3.7             Key Assumptions for EMFAC-HK Model

Appendix 3.8             Summary of Vehicle Emissions for the Territory of Hong Kong

Appendix 3.9             Detailed Calculations of Odour Emission

Appendix 3.10            Wind Tunnel Testing Report

Appendix 3.11            Plots of the Predicted Concentration from PATH model

Appendix 3.12            Detailed Assessment Results for Identified Potential Hot Spot Areas