7a.                         FISHERIES IMPACT (TTAL site)

7a.1.1.1             No loss of fishing ground and resources is expected during construction phase of the proposed Project.  Insignificant change of water quality (i.e. suspended solid, organic and inorganic chemicals) would be temporary and localized.  Mitigation measures to minimize water quality impact, such as installation of silt curtain, use of effective site drainage, would be implemented to protect fisheries resources.  With proper implementation of these recommended mitigation measures, the impact due to water quality deterioration is considered to be acceptable.

7a.1.1.2             No significant adverse direct and indirect impacts on fisheries resources are expected during operation phase.  The proposed Project site would confine to terrestrial area.  Only the discharge of saline water would cause localized insignificant increase in salinity to the nearby waters. 

7a.1.1.3             Overall, the construction and operation phase impacts on fisheries resources identified are deemed acceptable.  Therefore, no monitoring and audit programme specific for fisheries resource would be required.