7b.                         FISHERIES IMPACT (artificial island near SKC)

7b.1.1.1             During construction phase, permanent loss of about 30 ha of fishing ground, and 15.5 ha of fisheries spawning and nursery ground is expected to arise under the Project.  Indirect impact on fisheries due to elevation in suspended solids level would be temporary and localized.  Mitigation measures including adoption of silt curtain and phasing of marine works have been recommended to minimise adverse impact on water quality as well as to protect fisheries resources. 

7b.1.1.2             During operation phase, potential impact from impingement and entrainment of fisheries resources through a water intake point would be minimized, by provision of screen at the seawater intake, in order to minimise the uptake of fisheries resources. 

7b.1.1.3             With the proper implementation of the recommended mitigation measures, potential impact on fisheries due to Project is considered to be minimized and acceptable.  As mentioned in the EIA report, no further monitoring and audit for fisheries are required.