1                      INTRODUCTION                                                                          

1.1                   Background                                                                           

1.2                   Objectives of The EIA Study                                            

1.3                   Structure of the Environmental Assessment Report  

2                      Consideration of Alternatives                                    

2.1                   Introduction                                                                          

2.2                   The Need for the Public Private Partnership Project   

2.3                   Consideration of Alternative Development Options      

2.4                   Consideration of Alternative Construction Methods and

                        Sequence of Works                                                            

2.5                   Selection of Preferred Option                                    

3                      PROJECT DESCRIPTION                                                           

3.1                   The Case for Nature Conservation                           

3.2                   The Project                                                                             

3.3                   Ecological Reserve                                                           

3.4                   Development Proposal                                                    

3.5                   Sha Lo Tung Road Improvement                                    

3.6                   Indicative Works Programme and Construction Sequence of the Project                                                                                                       

3.7                   Concurrent Projects                                                       

3.8                   Special Arrangement during the Festival Days (during Operation Phase)                                                                                                       

4                      AIR QUALITY                                                                                

4.1                   Purpose of the Assessment                                           

4.2                   Relevant Legislation and Guidelines                        

4.3                   Baseline Conditions and Background Air Quality   

4.4                   Air Sensitive Receivers                                                      

4.5                   Air Quality Impact Assessment                                     

4.6                   Mitigation Measures                                                           

4.7                   Residual Impacts                                                                  

4.8                   Environmental Monitoring and Audit Requirements       

4.9                   Conclusion                                                                              

5                      NOISE                                                                                           

5.1                   Introduction                                                                          

5.2                   Baseline Conditions                                                            

5.3                   Relevant Legislation and Guidelines                        

5.4                   Noise Sensitive Receivers                                                 

5.5                   Identification of Potential Impacts                            

5.6                   Assessment Methodology                                              

5.7                   Evaluation of Impacts                                                       

5.8                   Mitigation of Adverse Environmental Impacts    

5.9                   Residual Impacts                                                                  

5.10                 Cumulative Impacts                                                             

5.11                 Monitoring and Audit Requirements                          

5.12                 Conclusion                                                                              

6                      WATER QUALITY                                                                        

6.1                   Introduction                                                                          

6.2                   Relevant Legislation and Guidelines                        

6.3                   Baseline Conditions                                                            

6.4                   Water Quality Sensitive Receivers                              

6.5                   Water Quality Impact Assessment                              

6.6                   Mitigation Measures                                                           

6.7                   Residual Impacts                                                                  

6.8                   Cumulative Impacts                                                             

6.9                   Environmental Monitoring and Audit Requirements       

6.10                 Conclusion                                                                              


7.1                   Introduction                                                                          

7.2                   Relevant Legislative Requirements                          

7.3                   Assessment Methodology                                              

7.4                   Existing Sewerage Facilities and Planned Sewerage in the Area

7.5                   Estimated Sewerage Flow                                              

7.6                   Sewage Disposal Scheme                                                 

7.7                   Sewerage and Sewage Treatment during Special Festivals

7.8                   Proposed mitigation Measures                                    

7.9                   Conclusion and Recommendations                            

8                      WASTE MANAGEMENT                                                             

8.1                   Purpose of the Assessment                                           

8.2                   Relevant Assessment Criteria, Legislation and Guidelines  

8.3                   Waste Management Assessment                                  

8.4                   Mitigation Measures                                                           

8.5                   Residual Impacts                                                                  

8.6                   Environmental and Audit Requirement                    

8.7                   Conclusion                                                                              

9                      TERRESTRIAL ECOLOGY                                                         

9.1                   Introduction                                                                          

9.2                   Relevant Legislation and Assessment Criteria  

9.3                   Description of the Study Area                                      

9.4                   Ecological Resources within Pat Sin Leng Country Park, Conservation Area, Sha Lo Tung Valley and Fung Yuen Valley Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)                                                                         

9.5                   Literature Review of Ecological Characteristics and Historical Ecological Surveys                                                           

9.6                   Ecological Field Surveys – Survey Methodology   

9.7                   Results of Ecological Field Update                         

9.8                   Project Area                                                                         

9.9                   Terrestrial Ecological Impact Assessment and Evaluation        

9.10                 Mitigation Measures                                                           

9.11                 Residual Environmental Impacts                                

9.12                 Environmental Monitoring and Audit                       

9.13                 Conclusion                                                                              

10                    LANDSCAPE AND VISUAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT             

10.1                 Introduction                                                                          

10.2                 Methodology                                                                         

10.3                 Relevant Legislation and Guidelines                        

10.4                 The Development Site - Existing Site Location       

10.5                 Project Description                                                           

10.6                 Construction Program                                                    

10.7                 Planning                                                                                   

10.8                 Landscape Impact Assessment                                     

10.9                 Landscape Mitigation Measures                                  

10.10               Visual Impact Assessment                                               

10.11               Environmental Monitoring and Audit                       

10.12               Conclusion                                                                              

11                    Cultural Heritage                                                              

11.1                 Introduction                                                                          

11.2                 Relevant Legislation and Guidelines                        

11.3                 Assessment Methodology                                              

11.4                 Baseline Conditions                                                            

11.5                 Impact Assessment                                                              

11.6                 Mitigation Measures                                                           

11.7                 Environmental Monitoring and Audit Requirements       

11.8                 Conclusions                                                                           

12                    Environmental Monitoring and Audit requirements       

12.1                 Introduction                                                                          

12.2                 Organisation and Personnel of the EM&A             

12.3                 Role and Responsibilities                                                

12.4                 Monitoring Requirements                                               

12.5                 Audit Requirements                                                            


13.1                 Introduction                                                                          

13.2                 Summary of Environmental Impacts                          

13.3                 Summary of measures of minimazing environmental Impacts        

13.4                 Environmental Monitoring and Audit                       

13.5                 Environmental Outcomes                                               

13.6                 Environmental Benefit                                                     



Annex A1       Conservation Management Plan

Annex A2       Condition Survey Report of Lei Uk Village

Annex B         Concept Design Report for Sha Lo Tung Development

Annex C         Drainage Assessment and Mitigation Measures

Annex D         Traffic Impact Assessment Report

Annex E         Supporting Information for Noise Assessment

Annex E1       Proposed Construction Works Programme and Plant Inventory (Without Mitigation)

Annex E2       Construction Noise Impact Assessment (Without Mitigation)

Annex E3       Road Traffic Noise Impact Assessment (Without Mitigation)

Annex E4       Fixed Plant Operational Noise Impact Assessment (Without Mitigation)

Annex E5       Construction Noise Impact Assessment (Without Mitigation)

Annex F         Supporting Information for Ecological Assessment

Annex F1       List of Species Recorded at Sha Lo Tung Priority Site by AFCD

Annex F2       Plant Species Recorded Within the Study Area during the Ecological Surveys (2004-2010)

Annex G         Tree Survey Data

Annex G1       Tree Survey Schedule for Development Site

Annex G2       Tree Survey Schedule for Sha Lo Tung Road

Annex G3       Trees Surveyed within the Proposed Development Site

Annex G4       Trees Surveyed within Sha Lo Tung Road Improvement

Annex G5       Tree Photos for Development Site

Annex G6      Tree Photos for Sha Lo Tung Road

Annex H         Supporting Information for Cultural Heritage Assessment

Annex H1       Bibliography

Annex H2       1:1000 Plans Showing Identified Built Heritage Resources within the Assessment Areas

Annex H3       Detailed Records of Cheung UK

Annex H4       Detailed Records of Lei UK

Annex H5       Detailed Records of Identified Graves

Annex H6      Detailed Records of Identified Cultural/Historical Landscape Features

Annex H7      Archaeological Impact Assessment Final Report

Annex I           Implementation Schedule of the Environmental Protection Measures