Agreement No. CE 42/2008 (CE)

Tseung Kwan O – Lam Tin Tunnel and Associated Works – Investigation


Environmental Monitoring and Audit Manual


Table of Contents




1.1       Background

1.2       Project Scope and Location

1.3       Construction Programme

1.4       Purpose of the Manual

1.5       Project Organisation

2          AIR QUALITY

2.1       Introduction

2.2       Air Quality Parameters

2.3       Monitoring Equipment

2.4       Laboratory Measurement / Analysis

2.5       Monitoring Locations

2.6       Baseline Monitoring

2.7       Impact Monitoring

2.8       Event and Action Plan

2.9       Mitigation Measures

3          NOISE

3.1       Introduction

3.2       Noise Parameters

3.3       Monitoring Equipment

3.4       Monitoring Locations

3.5       Baseline Monitoring

3.6       Impact Monitoring

3.7       Event and Action Plan

3.8       Mitigation Measures

4          WATER QUALITY

4.1       Introduction

4.2       Piezometer Monitoring for Tunnel Construction

4.3       Groundwater Quality Monitoring

4.4       Marine Water Quality Monitoring Schedule and Stations

4.5       Monitoring Equipment

4.6       Field Log

4.7       Laboratory Measurement / Analysis

4.8       Event and Action Plan

4.9       Mitigation of Adverse Environmental Impacts


5.1       Introduction

5.2       Mitigation Measures

6.         ECOLOGY

6.1       Introduction

6.2       Coral Translocation

6.3       Coral Monitoring Programme

7.         FISHERIES


8.1       Introduction

8.2       Cultural Heritage Mitigation Measures

8.3       Construction Phase Monitoring and Audit


9.1       Introduction

9.2       Construction Phase – Baseline Review

9.3       Construction Phase – Monitoring of Design, Construction and Establishment

9.4       Construction Phase - Design of Landscape and Visual Mitigation Measures

9.5       Construction Phase – Site Supervision of Landscape Works

9.6       Operation Phase – Monitoring of Landscape Works

10        LANDFILL GAS

10.1     Introduction

10.2     Monitoring Parameters, Locations and Frequency

10.3     Monitoring Equipment

10.4     Limit Levels and Event and Action Plan (EAP) for Landfill Gas

11        HAZARD TO LIFE

11.1     Introduction


12.1     Site Inspections

12.2     Compliance with Legal and Contractual Requirements

12.3     Environmental Complaints

13        REPORTING

13.1     General

13.2     Electronic Reporting of EM&A Information

13.3     Baseline Monitoring Report

13.4     Monthly EM&A Reports

13.5     Quarterly EM&A Summary Reports

13.6     Final EM&A Review Reports

13.7     Data Keeping

13.8     Interim Notifications of Environmental Quality Limit Exceedances






Table 2.1                Proposed Air Quality Monitoring Stations

Table 2.2                Action and Limit Levels for Air Quality (Dust)

Table 2.3                Event and Action Plan for Air Quality (Dust)

Table 3.1                Proposed Construction Noise Monitoring Stations

Table 3.2                Proposed Traffic Noise Monitoring Stations

Table 3.3                Action and Limit Levels for Construction Noise

Table 3.4                Event and Action Plan for Construction Noise

Table 4.1                Proposed Marine Water Quality Stations for Baseline and Construction Phase Monitoring

Table 4.2                Proposed Marine Water Quality Monitoring Frequency and Parameters at Stations C1, C2, G1 to G4 and M1 to M6

Table 4.3                Analytical Methods to be applied to Marine Water Quality Samples

Table 4.4                Action and Limit Levels for Marine Water Quality

Table 4.5                Event and Action Plan for Marine Water Quality

Table 10.1              Parameters, Locations and Frequency of Landfill Gas Monitoring

Table 10.2              Limit Levels and Action Plan for Landfill Gas




Figure 1.1              Recommended Scheme for TKO-LT Tunnel – General Layout Plan

Figure 1.2              Project Organisation

Figure 2.1              Locations of Air Quality Monitoring Stations (Lam Tin)

Figure 2.2              Locations of Air Quality Monitoring Stations (Tseung Kwan O)

Figure 3.1              Locations of Construction Noise Monitoring Stations

Figure 3.2              Locations of Traffic Noise Monitoring Stations

Figure 3.3              Location of Proposed Noise Mitigation Measures (for Existing NSRs)

Figure 3.4              Location of Proposed Noise Mitigation Measures (for Planned NSRs)

Figure 4.1              Locations of Water Quality Monitoring Stations




Appendix A           Construction Programme

Appendix B           Sample Record Sheet

Appendix C           Implementation Schedule of Proposed Mitigation Measures

Appendix D           Sample Template for the Interim Notification