Civil Engineering and Development Department

Agreement No. CE 18/2012 (CE) Development of Anderson Road Quarry - Investigation

Environmental Monitoring and Audit Manual



227724/E/0001            Location of Project

227724/E/0002            Locations of Designated Projects

227724/E/0003            Recommended Outline Development Plan

227724/E/0008            Locations of Concurrent Projects

227724/E/1045            Locations of Construction Dust Monitoring (Sheet 1 of 3)

227724/E/1046            Locations of Construction Dust Monitoring (Sheet 2 of 3)

227724/E/1047            Locations of Construction Dust Monitoring (Sheet 3 of 3)

227724/E/2400            Locations of Construction Noise Monitoring

227724/E/6501            Proposed Location of Compensatory Planting in the Wooded Area within the Project Site


Appendix 2.1              Project Implementation Schedule

Appendix 3.1              Project Organization for Environmental Works

Appendix 4.1              Sample Data Sheet for TSP Monitoring

Appendix 5.1              Sample Data Sheet for Construction Noise Monitoring

Appendix 5.2              Sample Data Sheet for Road Traffic Noise Monitoring

Appendix 13.1            Incident Report on Action Level or Limit Level Non-compliance