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Civil Engineering and Development Department

Agreement No. CE 18/2012 (CE) Development of Anderson Road Quarry - Investigation

Environmental Monitoring and Audit Manual


Final 3  |  June 2014

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Agreement No. CE 18/2012 (CE) Development of Anderson Road Quarry - Investigation

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Environmental Monitoring and Audit Manual

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1            INTRODUCTION   1

1.1           Background  1

1.2           Study Area  1

1.3           Designated Projects  1

1.4           Objective of the Manual 2

2            PROJECT DESCRIPTION   4

2.1           General Description of the Project 4

2.2           Recommended Outline Development Plan (RODP) 4

2.3           Key Infrastructure  4

2.4           Summary of Concurrent Projects  6

2.5           Project Implementation Schedule  7


3.1           Project Organisation  8

4            AIR QUALITY   11

4.1           Introduction  11

4.2           Mitigation Measures  11

4.3           Air Quality Parameters  11

4.4           Monitoring Equipment 11

4.5           Laboratory Measurement / Analysis  13

4.6           Monitoring Locations  13

4.7           Construction Dust Monitoring  14

4.8           Action / Limit Levels  16

4.9           Event and Action Plan  16

4.10         Site Audit Requirements  19

5            NOISE   20

5.1           Introduction  20

5.2           Mitigation Measures  20

5.3           Noise Monitoring Parameters for Construction Noise  20

5.4           Monitoring Equipment for Construction Phase  20

5.5           Monitoring Locations for Construction Phase  21

5.6           Baseline Monitoring for Construction Phase  22

5.7           Impact Monitoring for Construction Phase  22

5.8           Action / Limit Levels  22

5.9           Event and Action Plan for Construction Noise  22

5.10         Site Audit Requirements  24

5.11         Impact Monitoring for Road Traffic Noise during Operational Phase  24

5.12         Monitoring Location for Operational Phase  25

5.13         Event and Action Plan  25

5.14         Impact Monitoring for Fixed Plant Noise during Operational Phase  25

6            WATER QUALITY   26

6.1           Introduction  26

6.2           Mitigation Measures  26

6.3           Site Audit Requirements  26


7.1           Introduction  27

7.2           Mitigation Measures  27


8.1           Introduction  28

8.2           Mitigation Measures  28

8.3           Waste EM&A Requirements  28

8.4           Site Audit Requirements  29

9            LAND CONTAMINATION   30

9.1           Introduction  30

9.2           Proposed Site Investigation for Potentially Contaminated Areas  30

9.3           Submission Requirements of CAR, RAP and RR   30

10          ECOLOGY   31

10.1         Introduction  31

10.2         Mitigation Measures  31

10.3         Monitoring and Audit Requirements  34


11.1         Introduction  37

11.2         Mitigation Measures  37

11.3         Site Audit Requirement 37


12.1         Site Inspection  39

12.2         Compliance with Legal and Contractual Requirements  40

12.3         Environment Complaints  40

13          REPORTING   42

13.1         General 42

13.2         Baseline Monitoring Report 42

13.3         Monthly Monitoring and Audit (EM&A) Report 43

13.4         Quarterly EM&A Report 48

13.5         Final EM&A Review Report 50

13.6         Data Keeping  52

13.7         Interim Notifications of Environmental Quality Limit Exceedances  52




227724/E/0001            Location of Project

227724/E/0002            Locations of Designated Projects

227724/E/0003            Recommended Outline Development Plan

227724/E/0008            Locations of Concurrent Projects

227724/E/1045            Locations of Construction Dust Monitoring (Sheet 1 of 3)

227724/E/1046            Locations of Construction Dust Monitoring (Sheet 2 of 3)

227724/E/1047            Locations of Construction Dust Monitoring (Sheet 3 of 3)

227724/E/2400            Locations of Construction Noise Monitoring

227724/E/6501           Proposed Location of Compensatory Planting in the Wooded Area within the Project Site



Appendix 2.1              Project Implementation Schedule

Appendix 3.1              Project Organization for Environmental Works

Appendix 4.1              Sample Data Sheet for TSP Monitoring

Appendix 5.1              Sample Data Sheet for Construction Noise Monitoring

Appendix 5.2              Sample Data Sheet for Road Traffic Noise Monitoring

Appendix 13.1            Incident Report on Action Level or Limit Level Non-compliance


1                                INTRODUCTION

1.1                         Background

1.1.1                  The Anderson Road Quarries have been in operation since 1956.  In 1998, the Central and East Kowloon Development Statement proposed new housing developments at a platform site covering about 40 ha of Anderson Road Quarries (the upper quarry site, now called the Anderson Road Quarry site, ARQ) and at an area west of Anderson Road covering about 20 ha (the lower quarry site, now called the Anderson Road Development, DAR).

1.1.2                  The site formation works of the lower quarry site are now in progress under Contract No. CV/2007/03 ‘Development at Anderson Road – Site Formation and Associated Infrastructure Works’.

1.1.3                  PlanD commissioned Arup on 27 January 2011 under Agreement No. CE 4/2010 (TP) to undertake a Planning Study on Future Land Use at Anderson Road Quarry (the Planning Study) to examine the future land use and explore the development potential of the upper quarry area. The recommendations and the Recommended Outline Development Plan (RODP) proposed under the Planning Study will provide the basis for the development at the ARQ.

1.1.4                  CEDD commissioned Arup on 26 October 2012 under Agreement No. CE 18/2012 (CE)  ‘Development of Anderson Road Quarry – Investigation’ to undertake the engineering feasibility study of the development proposals at the Anderson Road Quarry site recommended in the Planning Study and the associated road improvement works and pedestrian connectivity to Kwun Tong Town Centre and nearby MTR stations.

1.2                         Study Area

1.2.1                  The Study Area, as delineated in Figure 227724/E/0001, is located on the south-western slopes of the Tai Sheung Tok at the far north-eastern edge of urban East Kowloon, and lies close to the major population centre of Kwun Tong, Lam Tin and Sau Mau Ping. Specifically, the Study Area covers an area of approx. 86 hectares, which includes a platform area of approx. 40 hectares.

1.3                         Designated Projects

1.3.1                  The engineering feasibility study of the Development of Anderson Road Quarry (the Project) is a designated project (DP) under item 1 of Schedule 3 of the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance (EIAO), which specifies that “Engineering feasibility study of urban development projects with a study area covering more than 20 ha or involving a total population of more than 100,000”.

1.3.2                  On the other hand, the Project also includes the proposed cavern development in the Study Area and the road improvement works at junction between (J/O) Lin Tak Road and Sau Mau Ping Road, at J/O New Clear Water Bay Road and Anderson Road, as well as at the merging lane at Clear Water Bay Road near Shun Lee Tsuen Road. These have been identified as DPs as per Schedule 2, Part I of the EIAO:

(1)          Proposed cavern development: Item Q.2 – Underground rock caverns;

(2)          Road improvement works: Item A.1 – A road which is an expressway, trunk road, primary distributor road or district distributor road including new roads, and major extensions or improvements to existing road.

1.3.3                  The locations of these two Schedule 2 DPs are shown in Figure 227724/E/0002. The potential environmental impacts of these two Schedule 2 DPs have been reviewed, and concluded that no insurmountable environmental impacts arise from these two Schedule 2 DPs. Nevertheless, the detailed environmental implications of these two Schedule 2 DPs will be further investigated in separate EIAs under EIAO.

1.4                         Objective of the Manual

1.4.1                  The purposes of this Environmental Monitoring and Audit (EM&A) Manual are to:

(1)          Guide the set up of an EM&A programme to ensure compliance with the EIA recommendations;

(2)          Specify the requirements for monitoring equipment;

(3)          Propose environmental monitoring points, monitoring frequency etc.;

(4)          Propose Action and Limit Level; and

(5)          Propose Event and Action Plan.

1.4.2                  This EM&A Manual has been prepared in accordance with the requirements stipulated in Annex 21 of the Technical Memorandum on the EIA Process (TM-EIAO). This Manual outlines the monitoring and audit programme for the construction and operation of the proposed ARQ development and provide systematic procedures for monitoring, auditing and minimising environmental impacts.

1.4.3                  This Manual contains the following information:

(1)          Responsibilities of the Contractor, the Engineer or Engineer’s Representative (ER), Environmental Team (ET), and the Independent Environmental Checker (IEC) under the context of the EM&A;

(2)          Project organisation for the EM&A works;

(3)          The basis for, and description of the broad approach underlying the EM&A programme;