Island Harbour View at Tai Kok Tsui

photo of noise barrierphoto of noise tolerant building



Target of Protection

Residents in Island Harbour View , Tai Kok Tsui

Total Number of Flats


Major Noise Sources

West Kowloon Highway , Cherry Street , Hoi Fai Road and Lin Cheung Road

Environmental Gain

About 2,050 flats comply with the road traffic noise criterion

Year of Completion


Noise Mitigation Measures adopted:

noise tolerant building photo of noise tolerant building
noise barrier photo of noise barrier

Major Noise Source

Target of Protection

Noise Tolertant Building

Noise barrier

Type of Noise Tolerant Building:

Commercial centre with noise barrier (overall 42m high) acts as noise shielding structure to protect the residents at the back

Noise Reduction:

About 9-12 dB(A)

Dimension of Barrier:

3.5 m high vertical barrier facing Hoi Fai Road and Cherry Street

Materials Selection:

Tiled fence wall

Noise Reduction:

Aout 2-5 dB(A)