King Tai Court

photo of architectural findrawing of architectural finpicture of acoustic windowspicture of acoustic windows



Target of Protection

Residents in King Tai Court

Total Number of Flats


Major Noise Sources

Prince Edward Road East and Kai San Road to the west

Environmental Gain

All units comply with the road traffic noise criterion

Year of Completion


Noise Mitigation Measures adopted:

acoustic windows photo and picture of acoustic windows
architectural fin drawing of architectural fin
building setback layout of building setback
building setback ​​lnrs_generic

Target of Protection

Architectural Fin

Acoustic Windows

Building Setback

Low Noise Road Surface

Acoustic Windows:

Arranging innovative acoustic windows to face the noise source

Noise Reduction:

About 4-8 dB(A)

Dimension of Fin:

Concrete fins of 1.5m width

Noise Reduction:

About 1-2 dB(A)

Building Setback

Locating the building by about 10m away from the site boundary to minimize traffic noise impact from Prince Edward Road East Road

Noise Reduction:

About 3 dB(A)

Low noise road surface:

applied to the subject road to reduce road traffic noise

Noise Reduction:

About 2 dB(A)