Pak Tin Estate Phase II at Shek Kip Mei



Target of Protection

Residents in Phase II of Pak Tin Estate, Shek Kip Mei

Total Number of Flats


Major Noise Sources

Nam Cheong Street

Environmental Gain

About 900 flats comply with the road traffic noise criterion

Year of Completion


Noise Mitigation Measures adopted:

noise barrier ‚Äčphoto of noise barrier
end wall photo of end wall

Major Noise Source

Target of Protection

Noise barrier

End Wall

Dimension of Barrier:

7m high and about 190m in length

Materials Selection:

Transparent panels

Noise Reduction:

About 5-15 dB(A)

End Wall:

End wall is arranged to face the noise source

Noise Reduction:

About 2-3 dB(A)