Wing Cheong Estate at Sham Shui Po

architectural fin layout 平面圖 - 建築鰭片



Target of Protection

Residents in Wing Cheong Estate, Sham Shui Po

Total Number of Flats


Major Noise Sources

West Kowloon Corridor and Tung Chau Street

Environmental Gain

About 1,340 units comply with the road traffic noise criterion

Year of Completion


Noise Mitigation Measures adopted:

Acoustic Balcony drawing of Acoustic Balcony
architectural fin  architectural fin layout

Major Noise Source

Target of Protection

Architectural Fin

Enhanced Acoustic Balcony



Acoustic Balcony:

Arranging balconies to face the noise source

Noise Reduction:

About 4-6 dB(A) (depending on level of floor)

Dimension of Fin:

1.5-1.8m wide

Noise Reduction:

About 2 dB(A)