Part V : Web Resources


Preparing the Silk Road Ecosystem Restoration Project Technical Assistance Consultant's Reports (2007)

Australia - New South Wales Abalone Fishery – Environmental Assessment under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (2005)

Australia - United States Free Trade Agreement: An Environmental Impact Assessment

Canada - Initial Environmental Assessment Report of the Proposed Canada-Singapore Free Trade Agreement

Canada - Initial Strategic  Environmental Assessment Report  of the Canada-Central America Four Free Trade  Negotiations (El Salvador,  Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua)

Case Study on EIA of an Economic Partnership Agreement / Free Trade Agreement (Japan – Republic of Korea example)

Denmark - Economic Valuation of the Visual Externalities of Off-shore Wind Farms (2005)

European Commission - Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment of the EU-Korea FTA:Phase One Global Analysis Final Report (2007)

European Commission - Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment of the Negotiations of a Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the EU and China – Final Report (2008)

Thailand - Impact on the Environment of Thailand’s Trade with OECD Countries.

The Netherlands - SEA for Free Trade Agreements (2007)

UNEP - Global Green New Deal – A Policy Brief (2009)

UNEP/ WTO - Trade and Climate Change (2009)

USA - Environmental Reviews of Trade and Investment Agreements

USA - Environmental Reviews in Free Trade Agreement

USA - Final Environmental Review of the U.S.-Singapore Free Trade Agreement, 2003

USA- Final Environmental Review of the U.S. –Australia Free Trade Agreement, 2004

World Bank - International Trade and Climate Change Economic, Legal, and Institutional Perspectives (2008)