Part V : Web Resources

Land Use Planning/Urban Development:

ADB - Developing Indicators and Monitoring Systems for Environmentally Livable Cities in the People's Republic of China (2014)

ADB - Provincial Development Strategy of Selected Provinces in Northwestern Region (Part B: Gansu Province)

ADB - Unleashing Economic Growth: Region-Based Urban Development Strategy for Nepal (2010)

ADB- Environmental Assessment Report: Kingdom of Tonga: Integrated Urban Development Sector Project

Canada - Exploring Strategic Environmental Assessment in the Context of a Rapidly Urbanizing Municipality: A Case Study of the Regional Municipality of York, Ontario, Canada (2010)

Canada - Strategic Environmental Assessment for Gatineau Park Master Plan Review (2005)

China - China's First Provincial-level Administrative Region having obtained the approval of Strategic Environmental Assessment (2006)

China - Theoretical and practical implementation on strategic environmental assessment in China
(中國戰略環境評價的理論與實踐) 徐鶴 南開大學,戰略環境評價研究中心

Denmark- SEA of Report on National Planning, 1999/2000 (page 30-38)

European Commission - The Urban Development Network Programme URBACT

Inter-American Development Bank - Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Northern Corridor La Paz-Guayaramerín

  Japan - Effective SEA System and Case Studies (2003)

Korea - Sustainable Spatial Development for Kwangju, South Korea

Netherlands- Spatial Plan for the West of the Netherlands

Norway - European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research, Green Structure and Urban Planning, Final Report 2005

Ugu District Municipality - Integrated Development Plan (IDP) Review 2016/17

Umhlathuze Municipality - Integrated Development Plan (IDP) Review Draft Process Plan 2014/2015

UK - Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council’s Local Development Framework Scoping Report (2010)

UK Ireland - Belfast Metropolitan Area Draft Plan (BMAP) 2015 (2004)

UK Ireland - North Lotts & Grand Canal Dock Planning Scheme Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Environmental Report (2013)

UK Ireland - Fingal Development Plan (2011-2017)

UK Scotland - Fourth National Planning Framework - draft: integrated impact assessment - environmental report

UK Scotland - Scottish Executive (2003a) Environmental Assessment of Development Plans: Interim Planning Advice, Scottish Executive, Edinburgh

UK Scotland - Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP) 2007 – 2013 Strategic Environmental Assessment – Environmental Report (2006)

UK Wales - Powys  Local Development Plan

UNDP - Biodiversity for Sustainable Development: Delivering Results for Asia and the Pacific (2014)

UNEP - Environmental Assessment of the Gaza Strip following the escalation of hostilities in December 2008 – January 2009 (2009)

UNEP - UNEP Environmental Assessment Expo 2010, Shanghai, China (2009)

United Nations Development Programme- Bureau for Development Policy, Energy and Environment Group, UNDP 2004. UNDP Environmental Mainstreaming Strategy

United Nations Development Programme - Report on the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Yerevan City Master Plan

United Nations Development Programme- Strategic Environmental Assessment of 2006-2010 National Tourism Development Programme of the Republic of Belarus

United Nations Environmental Programme- Environmental Assessment of Area disengaged by Israel in the Gaza Strip, Division of Early Warning and Assessment, UNEP (2009)

United Nations Environmental Programme- Sudan Post-Conflict Environmental Assessment, Division of Early Warning and Assessment, UNEP

World Bank- South Africa – Greater Addo Elephant National Park Project (gAENP) Final Strategic Environmental Assessment Report (2003)