Other Guidance Materials for Hong Kong


  • SEA Reports
    In Hong Kong, proponents will be requested to upload the SEA onto the internet to facilitate public consultation, although this is not a statutory requirement as in the EIA Ordinance. Completed SEA such as TDSR, CTS3, RDS2 and recently completed ones including HK2030, SUSDEV21 etc. have been uploaded to EPD’s website for easy reference by project proponents and the public.
  • SEA Leaflet
    A leaflet entitled “ Examples of SEA in Hong Kong”, containing 10 major SEA examples in Hong Kong, is also posted on EPD’s website. The examples illustrate how environmental assessments have been applied at strategic and regional levels; and how environmental factors have influenced the formulation and selection of strategies and regional development options.
  • SEA Study Brief
    At the start of the SEA process, EPD would work closely with project proponents to draft a study brief tailor-made for each SEA which sets out the terms of references, the scope, the approach and other guidance for proponents to conduct the SEA study. To view the key SEA Study Brief, please go to http://www.epd.gov.hk/epd/SEA/eng/key_sea_study_briefs.html.