Organising Cleanup Activity

Below you will find some start-up references, including guidance documents, useful links and information on assistance rendered by government departments, for you to organise cleanup activity.

Guidance Documents

You would need the following items to organise a cleanup activity:

  • Enrollment form
  • Data card
  • Data reporting form
  • Guidance for cleanup
  • Itinerary and checklist for cleanup
  • A list of potential sites for cleanup
  • Hong Kong Observatory weather and tidal information
  • Support from government department
  • Safety Guidelines for Shorelines Cleanup Event

Many non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have been organising regular cleanup in different parts of Hong Kong and they have prepared useful guidance documents on preparatory work, checklists, etc. Some relevant organisations (but not exhaustive) with website links are listed below for reference.

Data card

You can use the Data card 1, which adopts the ICC format, prepared by other organisations to record the details of the refuse collected. For assessment of the refuse problem in Hong Kong, we suggest adding in your data card:

  1. Household Waste (Laundry Powder/Cleaner Packaging) under "Dumping Activities"; and
  2. The following refuse items under "Debris Items of Local Concern": BBQ Fork, Candle, Incense Stick and Matches, Cyalume Stick, Plastic Pellet.

If you choose to conduct a more detailed recording of the refuse following the EPD format, you may use the Data card 2 below.

ICC format - Data card 1
EPD format - Data card 2


  1. DB Green
  2. Eco Marine
  3. Green Council
  4. Hong Kong Cleanup
  5. Living Lamma
  6. Plastic Free Seas
  7. Hong Kong Beach & Country Park Concern Group (Chinese version only)
  8. WWF Coastal Watch Project

Submit Information

Advertising Cleanup Activity

If you would like to publicise your cleanup activity or publicity event on this website, just download the relevant proforma (pdf format) and email the information to us at

Proforma A – for upcoming event (PDF format)
Proforma B – for completed event (PDF format)

Submitting Cleanup Data

If you would like to submit refuse data which are collected during your cleanup activity for our internal reference, you may complete either one of the reporting proformas below and email to us at

Data Reporting Proforma (ICC format)
Data Reporting Proforma (EPD format)

Making Suggestion

We welcome your suggestion. If you have any comment or suggestion on the marine refuse problem, you may write to us by email, fax, or post (see Contact Us).