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Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma

Hong Kong's shorelines are more than just lines drawn on maps - they have become a part of our lives.

Hundreds of ships pass through Victoria Harbour daily ferrying goods and passengers to and from every corner of the globe. Thousands of people, both locals and visitors, walk on the soft sand of our beaches on hot summer days and along waterfront promenades in the cool autumn to enjoy sunshine, sea breeze and scenic views.

Our coastal waters and shores are not only home to hundreds of wildlife species, they also provide venues for various recreational activities like swimming, wind-surfing, angling, sand sculpture competition, dragon boat racing, etc. Imagine how the presence of a considerable amount of marine refuse causes nuisance and may also pose an adverse impact on the marine ecosystem and other uses of our waters.

Let us work together to keep our shorelines clean. You are welcome to surf this site for stories, photos and more importantly news on upcoming cleanup events, and sharing your views and providing feedback on the marine refuse problem.

Through concerted efforts, we will work together for a cleaner and greener coastal environment.

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  2. 30 November 2019Coastal Cleanup at Sha Lan of Tai Po by Ho Lap College (Sponsored by the Sik Sik Yuen)
  3. 30 November 2019Coastal Cleanup at Siu Lam by Hong Thai Travel Services Ltd
  4. 30 November 2019Coastal Cleanup at Lei Yue Mun by S.K.H. Leung Kwai Yee Secondary School
  5. 30 November 2019Coastal Cleanup at Shui Hau
  6. 29 November 2019Beach cleanup at Lung Kwu Tan by Plastic Free Seas
  7. 27 November 2019Coastal cleanup at Shek O Beach by Star Anise Limited
  8. 27 November 2019Beach cleanup at Chi Ma Wan by Plastic Free Seas
  9. 24 November 2019Coastal Cleanup at Sai Kung by GoGo Clean Up


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