Requirements and Procedure for Application of Environmental Permits/ Licences

Air Pollution Control Ordinance

Many industrial activities produce air-borne emissions. The backbone of legislation to control air pollution from stationary sources is the Air Pollution Control Ordinance (APCO) and its subsidiary regulations. Any person who wants to conduct the specified processes is required to obtain a licence from EPD. In addition, under the Air Pollution Control (Furnaces, Ovens and Chimneys)(Installing and Alteration) Regulations, any person who wishes to install or alter any furnace or chimney exceeding a certain fuel consumption needs to apply to EPD to get prior approval. The Air Pollution Control (Open Burning) Regulation prohibits a number of open burning activities. For other open burning (unless exempted), the person has to obtain an Open Burning Permit before he is allowed to carry out the open burning activities. In the area of asbestos control, the premises owner needs to notify EPD of the commencement date of the work in which asbestos is removed, used or handled. Moreover, the premises owner has to submit an Asbestos Investigation Report and Asbestos Abatement Plan unless exempted. Under the Air Pollution Control (Construction Dust) Regulation, the contractor responsible for a construction site is required to give notice to EPD prior to the commencement of the work if it is a notifiable work.  Under the Air Pollution Control (Non-road Mobile Machinery) (Emission) Regulation , non-road mobile machinery used in construction sites, airport or container terminal etc. are required to obtain an approval or exemption label from EPD.


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