Hazardous Chemicals Control Ordinance

The Hazardous Chemicals Control Ordinance (HCCO) aims to regulate, through a permit system, the import, export, manufacture and use of non-pesticide hazardous chemicals that have potentially harmful or adverse effects on human health or the environment, including those regulated by the Stockholm Convention and the Rotterdam Convention.

Guidelines for completing the application forms for are shown below:

In addition to the HCCO permits, each consignment of scheduled chemical(s) entering/leaving Hong Kong must also be covered by an import/export licence issued under the Import and Export Ordinance (IEO). The import/export licence requirements are also applicable to scheduled chemicals in transshipment, but not for transit. Such licences are issued by the Environmental Protection Department under the delegated authorities from the Director-General of Trade and Industry.

For guidance on completing an import/export licence under the IEO, please download and refer to the "Import and Export Ordinance (Cap.60) - Guidelines on Application of Import/Export Licence for Scheduled Chemicals.





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