Advisory Council on the Environment

Notice and Agenda for the 57th Meeting of the Advisory Council on the Environment (ACE)


Date : 16 November 1998
Agenda: 1.   Confirmation of Minutes of the Special Meeting held on 22 October 1998
  2.   Confirmation of Minutes of 56th Meeting held on 27 October 1998
  3.   Matters Arising
  4.   Consultation Document of the Consultancy Study on Fisheries Resources and Fishing Operations in Hong Kong Waters
(ACE Paper 50/98)
  5.   Energy Policy
(ACE Paper 48/98)
  6.   Study on the Ecological Value of Fish Ponds in Deep Bay Area (Confidential)
(ACE Paper 49/98)
  7.   Environmental Performance of Daya Bay
(ACE Paper 47/98)
  8.   Proposed Air Pollution Control (Petrol Filling Station) (Vapour Recovery) Regulation
(ACE Paper 51/98)
  9.   Any Other Business
-      Waste Reduction Framework Plan 1998-2007 - Waste Reduction Committee (ACE Paper 52/98)
  10.   Date of Next Meeting

[Note : ACE meetings are not opened to the public.]


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