Advisory Council on the Environment

Notice and Agenda for the 96th Meeting of the Advisory Council on the Environment (ACE)

Date : 21 May 2002
Agenda: 1.   Confirmation of minutes of the 95th meeting held on 29 April 2002
  2.   Matters arising
  3.   Proposed amendments to Waste Disposal (Refuse Transfer Station) Regulation and Waste Disposal (Designated Waste Disposal Facility) Regulation (Cap. 354)
(ACE Paper 17/2002)
  4.   Briefing on Improving Air Quality in Pearl River Delta Region
(ACE Paper 15/2002)
  5.   Speeding up of public works projects - Foreshore and Sea-bed and Roads (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2002
(ACE Paper 18/2002)
  6.   Briefing on Hong Kong Green Label Scheme
(ACE Paper 19/2002)
  7.   Any Other Business
  8.   Date of Next Meeting

[Note : ACE meetings are not opened to the public.]


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