Advisory Council on the Environment

Air Pollution Control (Asbestos) (Administration) (Amendment) Regulation 2000


(ACE Paper 18/2000)
For advice


This paper seeks Members' advice on the proposed amendment to the Air Pollution Control (Asbestos) (Administration) Regulation (subsidiary regulation of Cap. 311).


2.The Financial Secretary announced in the Budget Speech for 2000-2001 the reorganisation of the Trade and Industry Bureau and its supporting departments, which will involve the abolition of the Industry Department and the establishment of a new Innovation and Technology Commission. On 10 May 2000, the Establishment Sub-Committee of the Legislative Council agreed to recommend to the Finance Committee of the Council the organisational changes with effect from 1 July 2000.

3.Arising from the reorganisation, we will need to amend the existing legislation in which the term "Industry Department" appears. In this connection, we have identified the above regulation which will need to be amended to provide for the transfer of management responsibility in respect of the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme from the Director-General of Industry to the new Commissioner for Innovation and Technology.

Proposed Amendments

4.We propose to amend section 5 of the Air Pollution Control (Asbestos) (Administration) Regulation by repealing "Industry Department of the Government" and substituting "Commissioner for Innovation and Technology on behalf of the Government".


5.Subject to the endorsement by the Advisory Council on Environment and approval by the Legislative Council Finance Committee, the proposed amendment will take effect on 1 July 2000.

Advice Sought

6.Members are invited to endorse the proposed amendment to the Air Pollution Control (Asbestos)(Administration) Regulation.

Environment and Food Bureau
May 2000


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