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Presentation on The Hong Kong Trade In Live Reef Fish For Food
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(ACE Paper 32/2000)
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The captioned report is published by the Trade Record Analysis of Flora and Fauna In Commerce (TRAFFIC) - an international wildlife trade monitoring programme of World Wide Fund For Nature and The World Conservation Union. The study was initiated in response of the growing concerns world-wide about the sustainability of the live reef food fish industry. The major recommendation for Hong Kong is to amend the licensing and classification system for locally registered fishing vessels and locally registered transport vessels bringing in live marine fish so as to enable recording of all live reef food fish imports into Hong Kong.

  1. The full report was circulated to Members on 21 June 1999 and the executive summary is attached to this paper for easy reference.
  2. Representatives from TRAFFIC will attend the ACE meeting on 28 August 2000 to brief Members on the report.

ACE Secretariat
August 2000

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