Advisory Council on the Environment

Management of Sand Dredging, Fill Resources and Disposal of Mud-Excavated Materials
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(ACE Paper 35/2000)
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At the Advisory Council on the Environment Meeting held on 29 May 2000, Members requested the Administration to provide information on the management of excavated/dredged material arising from construction activities.

Management Of Excavated And Dredged Material

  1. The Fill Management Committee (FMC) was established in 1989 as an intragovernmental committee to manage use of fill resources in Hong Kong and disposal of dredged mud in Hong Kong waters. In order to streamline the institutional structure and to establish a clear and direct line of reporting, the FMC was reorganized in 2000 into the Marine Fill Committee (MFC) and the Public Fill Committee (PFC). The MFC reports to the Secretary for Works and is responsible for managing marine fill resources and marine disposal of dredged sediment. The PFC reports to the Secretary for Environment and Food and is responsible for construction and demolition material management and land-based fill reserve utilitisation. The Civil Engineering Department provides administrative support to both committees.
  2. Detailed information on the management of dredged sediment disposal by the MFC and the reuse of inert construction and demolition material in reclamations by the PFC are at Annexes I and II respectively.

Advice Sought

  1. Members are invited to note the content of these two papers.

Environment and Food Bureau
September 2000


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