Papers Discussed by ACE in 2015

Papers Discussed by ACE in 2015


203rd ACE Meeting on 27 January 2015

1 2015 Policy Address - Policy Initiatives of Environment Bureau: Environmental ProtectionPDF

204th ACE Meeting on 9 March 2015

3 Enhancing Land Supply Strategy: Reclamation Outside Victoria Harbour and Rock Cavern DevelopmentPDFFigure 1PDF Annex APDF Annex BPDF Annex CPDF Annex DPDF Annex EPDF Annex FPDF

205th ACE Meeting on 11 May 2015

5 Public Consultation on the Future Development of the Electricity Market PDF Annex PDF 
6 Municipal Solid Waste Charging: Latest Development PDF

206th ACE Meeting on 8 June 2015

7 Report of the Task Force on External Lighting PDF Annex PDF 
8 Report on the 129th Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee MeetingPDF Annex APDF Annex BPDF 

207th ACE Meeting on 13 July 2015

9 Expansion of Hong Kong International Airport into a Three-Runway System - Marine Travel Routes and Management Plan for High Speed Ferries of SkyPier PDF Appendix A PDF Appendix B PDF 

208th ACE Meeting on 7 September 2015

10 Strengthening Regulation of Recycling of "Waste Cooking Oils" PDF
11 Hung Shui Kiu (HSK) New Development Area (NDA) Planning and Engineering Study - Recommended Outline Development Plan (RODP) and Stage 3 Community Engagement PDF Appendix 1 PDF Hung Shui Kiu NDA RODP PDF 

209th ACE Meeting on 12 October 2015

13 Review of the Fourth Technical Memorandum for Allocation of Emission Allowances for Power Plants PDF
14 Report on the 130th Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee Meeting PDF Annex A PDF Annex B PDF 

210th ACE Meeting on 9 November 2015

15 Update on the implementation of Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Stage 2A PDF
16 Implementation of the Recycling Fund PDF

211th ACE Meeting on 7 December 2015

17 Expansion of Hong Kong International Airport into a Three-Runway System
(i) Marine Park Proposal
(ii) Marine Ecology Conservation Plan and Marine Ecology Enhancement Fund,
(iii) Fisheries Management Plan and Fisheries Enhancement Fund
PDF Appendix A PDF Appendix B PDF Appendix C PDF  Appendix D1 PDF Appendix D2 PDF Appendix D3 PDF 

Circulation Paper

4 Beach Water Quality of Hong Kong in 2014PDF
12 River and Marine Water Quality in Hong Kong in 2014 PDF
18 Environmental Management and Post-EIA Follow Up Programme of Railway ProjectsPDF Appendix A PDF Appendix B PDF