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Report of the EIA Subcommittee

(ACE Paper 32/98)
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The EIA Subcommittee considered the EIA report on Feasibility Study for Pak Shek Kok Development Area in July 1998.

Feasibility Study for Pak Shek Kok Development Area Environmental Impact Assessment
(ACE EIA Paper 15/98)

The Pak Shek Kok Development Area is formed by public filling. The EIA on the filling project, Pak Shek Kok Reclamation - Public Dump EIA, was endorsed by the full Council in July 1994. The current Study is required to propose suitable land uses for the Area and confirm the feasibility of the land use proposals.

The Study aims at preparing a Recommended Outline Development Plan for an area of approximately 118 hectares. It is recommended under the Study that the Area shall comprise sites for a Science Park, residential blocks, recreation facilities, traffic and transport infrastructures and other supporting facilities including sewage pumping stations and an electrical substation.

Some of the proposals in the Recommended Outline Development Plan would be classified as Designated Projects (DPs) under Schedule 2 of the EIA Ordinance. These DPs will be subject to the provisions under the Ordinance and Environmental Permits are required for their operation.

The EIA indicated that the impacts on air, waste and water qualities in the Area will be kept within acceptable standards with the implementation of recommended measures. The major impact identified is on traffic noise. Mitigation measures including noise barriers and set-back are recommended. Acoustic insulation and air conditioners would be provided to a primary school to further reduce traffic noise impact.

Subcommittee's Views and Recommendations

The Subcommittee is satisfied with the findings and recommendations of the report. One member was concerned about the construction waste from the public filling activities at Pak Shek Kok. Since this issue is outside the remit of the current Study, the concern was referred to Civil Engineering Department, project proponent of the Pak Shek Kok Reclamation - Public Dump, for follow up.

The Subcommittee agreed to endorse the report by circulation with the following conditions:


(a) the condition of the marine mud and the impact on the dredging and disposal of the mud should be kept within established guidelines; and
(b) all mitigation measures in the report should be implemented.

Advice Sought

Members are invited to consider whether the EIA on Feasibility Study for Pak Shek Kok Development Area should be endorsed with the conditions set out in paragraph 7 above.

EIA Subcommittee Secretariat
July 1998



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