Advisory Council on the Environment

Introducing Liquefied Petroleum Gas Taxis on a Large Scale

(ACE Paper 46/98)
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In September 1997, we briefed Members on the trial of LPG taxis. The trial was subsequently launched in November 1997. A monitoring committee comprising representatives from the taxi trade, LPG vehicle suppliers, major oil companies, experts from universities and relevant government departments was formed to monitor and steer the trial. The trial is near completion and we are satisfied that its findings have confirmed that LPG taxis are technically feasible in Hong Kong. The obstacle that has to be overcome is that of finding enough LPG filling station sites within the urban area to support the taxi fleet operating on the new fuel.

The replacement of diesel taxis with LPG taxis will do much to improve air quality in Hong Kong. We have put forward for public consulation a proposal to ensure that all new taxis operate on LPG by end 2000, by which time sufficient filling stations can be put in place to support full scale conversion. The consultation will last until end December this year.

A copy of the consultation document is attached. We would like to seek Member's advice on and support of the proposal.

Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau
October 1998


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