Advisory Council on the Environment

Consultation Document on the Consultancy Study
on Fisheries Resources and Fishing Operations in Hong Kong Waters


(ACE Paper 50/98)
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This consultation document aims to present the major findings of the Consultancy Study on Fisheries Resources and Fishing Operations in Hong Kong Waters (hereafter referred as "the Study") and invite the opinions of the Advisory Council on the Environment on its major recommendations. The outcome of this consultation will help us formulate a suitable fisheries management strategy.


Fisheries conservation is a pressing issue for many economies. There is serious concern over depletion of fish stocks due to overfishing and habitat destruction. In order to address the concern about the sustainability of fisheries resources in Hong Kong waters, it is necessary to ascertain the status of local fisheries resources and fishing activities, the economic and ecological forces structuring the present fishery and the regional fisheries utilisation and management context. An improved understanding of these issues would help us formulate an appropriate strategy to plan the conservation, development and sustainable use of these resources.

Against the above background, the Agriculture and Fisheries Department (AFD) commissioned the Study in early 1996. The Study aims to: -


(a) characterise fish, crustacean and molluscan stocks in Hong Kong Waters for size, species, age structure and habitat;
(b) assess current fishing activities and local fisheries landings to determine existing fisheries utilisation;
(c) identify critical habitats for local fisheries including spawning and nursery areas, and to evaluate their importance in supporting fishing stocks;
(d) evaluate the spill-over, cumulative effects of habitat disturbance from coastal development / pollution and stock depletion from fishing pressure, and propose mitigation and conservation measures to minimise these effects; and
(e) develop management tools and strategies for protecting and sustaining stocks, including models for estimating yields and programmes to monitor stock conditions.

The study is completed. Its major findings and recommendations are set out in the executive summary attached hereto.

Advice Sought

Members' views on the major recommendations of the Study are welcome.

Agriculture and Fisheries Department
November 1998


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