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(ACE Paper 52/98)
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The Waste Reduction Framework Plan (WRFP) was launched on 5 November 1998. All Members have separately been passed a copy of the document. The WRFP is a policy document, laying out the guidelines for government policy in the coming years. It is not, and does not attempt, to be detailed implementation plan. The EPD has prepared a 'Resource Document' that will outline the detailed arrangements for implementation of different measures. This will be updated and revised as required from time-to-time. Members will be passed a copy shortly.

The WRFP addresses the well-known problem, that Hong Kong produces too much waste, in a pragmatic, flexible but far-sighted manner. The basic philosophy of the WRFP is that we should harness market forces to the maximum extent possible. The need to engage all sectors of the community, and to step up significantly education and publicity is fully recognised.


The main objectives of the WRFP are to extend the life of our landfills; to minimise the amount of new land required for landfills in future; to minimise the amount of waste produced; to help conserve the earth's non-renewable resources; to increase the waste recycling rate; to identify the true costs of waste management; and to improve the institutional mechanisms for waste management.

Further briefings

The administration would be pleased to brief members in more detail in future on any specific aspects of interest.

Waste Reduction Committee

The WRFP states that a high-level co-ordinating committee known as the Waste Reduction Committee (WRC) will supervise the Task Forces established under the sectoral schemes, help coordinate and focus waste reduction measures, and advise on priorities. The Committee will be formed under the Advisory Council on the Environment, will be chaired by a non-official, and will include senior officials, representatives of the business community, academics, and environmental experts. The EPD will provide secretarial and other support services to the WRC.

Terms of Reference

The proposed terms of reference are -


a) to promote public and private sector initiatives to reduce waste and the recovery and reuse of resources, so as to meet the objectives of the WRFP;
b) to provide an annual report to the Advisory Council on the Environment on progress with implementation of the WRFP; and
c) to monitor local and international developments affecting waste reduction and recovery and to recommend appropriate changes to the WRFP or particular waste reduction initiatives.


The WRC chairman and members will be appointed by the CE/CS/SPEL for a period of 2 years renewable. We intend that there will be about 12 members, including government representatives. The individuals, who will be appointed on an ad personam basis, will include leaders of the various task forces and representatives from the waste management industry.

Relationship between ACE and the WRC

The ACE remains Government's principal advisory body on the environment. In addition to receiving annual reports from the WRC, ACE remains free to request briefings and to comment on waste issues at any time. It is likely that there will be some dual membership of the two bodies.

Advice sought

Members are requested to note the contents of this paper.

Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau
November 1998


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