Membership of ACE

Advisory Council on the Environment (ACE)
Membership List (with effect from 1 January 2019 for two years)

(Appointed by Chief Executive)


Mr. WONG Yuen-fai, Stanley, S.B.S., J.P. (Chairman)

Professor TAM Fung-yee, Nora, B.B.S., J.P. (Deputy Chairman)

Ms. CHAN Ka-mun, Carmen, B.B.S., J.P.

Ms. CHAN May-kuen, Sylvia

Ir. CHAN Wing-hong, Cary, J.P.

Miss KONG Wing-man

Mr. KOO Tze-cheung, Adam

Miss LAM Chung-yan

Professor LAU Chi-pang, J.P.

Ms. LAU Man-kwan, Julia

Dr. LAU Wai-neng, Michael

Dr. LAW Wai-yi, Winnie

Professor Albert LEE

Mr. LEE Chun-lai, Andrew

Professor LEUNG Mei-yee, Kenneth, J.P.

Ir. Professor LO Man-chi, Irene, J.P.

Ir. MA Lee-tak, S.B.S.

Dr. SUNG Yik-hei

Ms. TANG Pik-han, Christina

Mr. WONG Kit-lung, Simon, J.P.

Professor WONG Sze-chun, B.B.S., J.P.

Ir. WONG Tin-cheung, Conrad, B.B.S., J.P.

Deputy Director of Environmental Protection (3)


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