Forecast of Consultancies

Forecast of Consultancies (1.4.2019 – 31.3.2020)


PWP Item No. / Agreement No.: -
Title of Project: Strategic sewerage catchment review and infrastructure planning for North District South and feasibility study on North District sewerage
Consultancy Invitation Date: Q3 2019 (tentative)
Contract Let: Q3 2019 (tentative)
Contract Commencement Date: Q3 2019 (tentative)
Type of Agreement: Feasibility Study
Expected Duration: 24 months
Major Activity: To review the sewerage infrastructure requirement for the southern North District and formulate a sewerage strategy and implementation plan on the provision of sewage collection, treatment and disposal facilities for supporting the development of newly identified potential housing sites in North District, and to carry out an engineering feasibility study and strategic planning for the provision of public sewerage system in Wu Kau Tang and other areas.
Subject Officer: Mr. Calvary TC WONG
Sewerage Infrastructure Group
Environmental Protection Department
(Tel No.: 852-3107 8260 Fax No.: 852-2519 0572)



PWP Item No. / Agreement No.: -
Title of Project: Pilot plant for woody waste recycling – investigation, design and construction
Consultancy Invitation Date: Q2 2019 (tentative)
Contract Let: Q4 2019 (tentative)
Contract Commencement Date: Q4 2019 (tentative)
Type of Agreement: Investigation, Design and Construction
Expected Duration: 33 months (tentative)
Major Activity: To investigate feasibility of developing a pilot facility for woody waste recycling at a site in Hong Kong. To carry out design, tendering, supervision of construction and commissioning, and to carry out trial operation of the pilot facility for woody waste recycling followed by evaluations.
Subject Officer: Dr LAI Chun-kit
Food Waste Management Group
Environmental Protection Department
(Tel No. : 852 – 3529 2398 Fax No.: 852 – 3528 0492)









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