Forecast of Works Tenders

Forecast of Works Tender (1.1.2020 – 31.12.2020)

PWP Item No.: 5163DR
Contract No.: EP/SP/77/15
Title of Project: Northeast New Territories landfill extension
Tender Invitation Date: March 2020 (tentative)
Contract Let: 2020 (tentative)
Project Commencement Date: 2020 (tentative)
Type of Agreement: Design, Build and Operate
Expected Duration:

About 14 years (design, initial works, operation and restoration works)

30 years (aftercare)

Major Activity: Development and management (including design, construction, operation, restoration and aftercare) of the Northeast New Territories landfill extension.
Subject Officer: Mr. P Y KWONG
Landfills and Development Group
Environmental Protection Department
(Tel No.: 852-2872 1752 Fax No.: 852-2872 0376)




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