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Wan Chai Environmental Resource Centre


The building of Wan Chai Environmental Resource Centre was constructed in 1913. It was used as the Wan Chai Post Office from 1915 to 1992 and was declared as a historical building in 1990. It was renovated and became the first Environmental Resource Centre of the Environmental Protection Department in 1993. It is one element of the government's effort in building up an environmentally aware and well-informed community in Hong Kong - an essential first step in developing an improved environmental ethic within the community.

Two Chinese couplets are hung at the entrances of the Centre. The one locating at the new entrance of the Centre states:

Sharing in a neat home, bright birds, sweet blooms.

Caring for shady trees, fresh breezes, clean air.

Another one locating at the old entrance facing Queen's Road East states:

If we foul our world that sustains us, what then shall we eat?

Scorn hygiene that protects life, where then shall we live?

Services and Facilities of Wan Chai Environmental Resource Centre

Interactive Learning Room

  • Renewable Energy Model:

    Demonstrates alternative energy such as wind, water, solar and biofuel which can be used to generate electricity.

  • Interest Walks on Wan Chai Nature Trail:

    Introduce the first urban green trail in Hong Kong. Extending from the Wan Chai Environmental Resource Centre on Queen's Road East to the Wan Chai Gap Park, it is about 1.5 km.

  • Green Games:

    Learn environmental knowledge from interactive games.

Library Databank

Information Gallery

  • The hardwood counter had been used for decades in the post office building. Nowadays, we reuse it to become our reception.

  • Display of 10-foot tall ancient Chinese calligraphy with the meaning of “Environmental Protection”.

  • Stamp exhibition demonstrates stamps with themes of natural environments, plants and wildlife.

  • Waste-into-Art Exhibits: Encourage visitors to create artwork by “wastes”.

  • Leaflets, booklets and posters on various environmental issues are displayed and available for the public.

  • Internet browsing service is provided to visitors for searching environmental information from Environmental Protection Department and other environmental related websites.

Environmental Garden

  • A mini waterfall with an ancient grindstone enhances the feeling of reminiscence and peacefulness of the Centre.

  • The wall behind the mini waterfall is made of renovated bricks during the refurbishment of the post office building.

  • The park bench is made of recycled plastics.

  • Solar energy system encourages and promotes the use of renewable energy to public.

  • The bulletin boards display updated news and activities that are organised by the Environmental Protection Department, Environmental Campaign Committee, green groups and community groups.

Environmental Education Activities


The Centre is opened to public with free admission.



221 Queen's Road East,
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
(Old Wan Chai Post Office, short walk from Wan Chai MTR Station Exit A3)

Location Map Link to GeoInfo Map

Due to renovation works, the centre is temporarily closed until further notice.





Inclement Weather Arrangement

Weather Condition Special Arrangement
(1) Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.8 or above : Centre closed
(2) Water flooding condition in our garden due to heavy rain: Environmental Garden of the Centre closed



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