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Fanling Environmental Resource Centre, opened in 2003, provides services for the public with easy access to environmental information and it is a venue for environmental education for schools, community organisations and residents in New Territories North. The total floor area of the Centre is about 400 square metres. Environment-friendly materials are widely used in internal fitting out, and the furniture in the Centre is largely made from recycled materials.


Exhibition Hall

The colourful exhibition hall with exhibition panels, interactive games and models is divided into eight thematic display zones.

Clean Air for You and Me

This zone introduces exhibits relating to sources of air pollutants, their impacts on our health, measures to improve air quality, introduction of Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) and indications of different emission levels produced by various vehicles.

  • Measures to improve Air Quality: The use of Electric Vehicle (EV) - The interactive exhibit displays information on using EV and its benefits.
  • Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) informs you of the short-term health risk of air pollution and helps you take precautionary measures to protect your health.
  • There is also a computer game that illustrates the different emissions levels generated by various types of vehicles.



World of Silence

Sources of noise pollution, control methods and mitigating measures are introduced in this zone.

  • Planning Ahead: You can apply different noise reduction measures to minimise the noise exposure of a residential building to be built next to a highway;
  • Recognising Sound Level: You can use sound level meter to measure sound level and experience the sound levels of different activities;
  • Experiencing Noise: You can hear noise from various sources through headphones and learn the mitigating measures to reduce the pollution.


Reduce Waste, Start from Me

This zone introduces how wastes are reduced, recycled and disposed of. Exhibits on recyclable materials, recycling process and final products are also shown. You can also play the interactive game, Waste Reduction and apply the 4R concept.


Protect Our Water Resources

This zone introduces wastewater treatment, how water qualities are monitored and water pollution control measures. Models of water sampling and measuring instruments are displayed.

  • Secondary Sewage Treatment Works: You can operate the secondary sewage treatment model to understand how wastewater is treated;
  • Harbour Area Treatment Scheme: It shows you the works of the Government to improve the water quality of Victoria Harbour;
  • Beach Water Quality Grading: This shows you how beach water qualities are graded and their impacts to our health.


Environmental Planning & Assessment

This zone introduces Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process and it shows how EIA is used to keep a balance between economic development and preservation of the environment. The setting up of an Environmental Management System within an organisation would also minimise and avoid environmental impact resulting from its business activities.

  • EIA process: statutory process;
  • Examples of Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment in Hong Kong: EIA is applied to strategic and regional developments;
  • Environmental Measures and Outcomes: it shows you how the adverse impacts on environment can be minimised by adopting environmental protection measures at different stages of a designated project.


Community Education Interactive Station

Exhibition panels and LCD monitors are used in this zone to introduce our environmental promotion programmes with schools, local community and international organisations. Interactive and educational computer games are provided in the Computer Gallery to arouse public's environmental awareness.



This zone shows the works of the Environmental Protection Department's Local Control Office in enforcing the environmental legislations and the partnerships built with different trades and industries to encourage the public to comply with environmental legislations.

  • Electrostatic Precipitators and Grease Traps in Restaurant and Food Processing: You can operate the models yourselves and see how oil fume and grease are removed;
  • Environmental Garage in Vehicle Maintenance: It demonstrates the adoption of environmental protection measures to reduce the pollution during garage operation;
  • Green Construction: It shows environmental management practices on site.


Global Environmental Issues

The formation, effects and remedial measures of global environmental issues, such as acid rain, green house effect, ozone layer depletion, loss of species, deforestation and shortage of water are addressed in this zone.

  • Green House Effect: It shows how the concentration of carbon dioxide affects the average temperature of atmosphere;
  • Ozone Depletion: Effect of simulated ozone hole is shown;
  • Loss of Species: Examples of endangered species are shown.



Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) 

The IAQ exhibition corner introduces the importance of good IAQ, common IAQ pollutants and their sources, ways to improve IAQ, and the IAQ Certification Scheme for Offices and Public Places with the aid of different exhibits and games.

Major components are:

  • Ways to improve IAQ: The exhibits display various methods to maintain good IAQ at homes, offices and public places, and the use of an interactive quiz game for better understanding the methods for improving IAQ.
  • IAQ pollutants and their sources: Through an interesting way, you can find out what the common IAQ pollutants and their sources are.
  • IAQ Certification Scheme : The exhibits show the key features,  application procedures and requirements of the scheme with a game to bring out its benefits.
  • There are also display monitors for browsing IAQ website and watching IAQ education videos in the exhibition corner.


Other Services and Facilities

Green Wisdom Library

Lecture Room

  • The lecture room can hold up to 80 people and is well-equipped with audio-visual equipment. It is suitable for holding workshops on environmental protection.


  • The Centre is opened to public with free admission. Guided visits and talks for schools and community groups are offered by our staff of Environmental Protection Department at the Centre through booking two weeks in advance.



2/F., Government Accommodations,
Grand Regentville,
9 Wo Mun Street,
Luen Wo Hui,
Fanling, N.T.

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Bus Routes  ( * Route information is for reference only, please refer to KMB website for latest information. )
70K Wah Ming <--> Ching Ho
78K Sha Tau Kok <--> Sheung Shui
79K Ta Kwu Ling <--> Sheung Shui
277X Lam Tin MTR Station <--> Luen Wo Hui
278K Fanling MTR Station <--> Luen Wo Hui
279X Tsing Yi MTR Station <--> Luen Wo Hui
A43 Airport <--> Luen Wo Hui
Minibus Routes  ( * Route information is for reference only, please refer to Transport Department website for latest information. )
52A Fanling MTR Station <--> Luen Wo Hui
54A Fanling MTR Station <--> Luen Wo Hui
56A Fanling MTR Station <--> Luen Wo Hui


Telephone: 2600 4016

Fax: 2600 4019

E-mail: fanlingerc@yahoo.com.hk


Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday: 09:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Sunday and public holidays: Closed
In view of the latest development of the novel coronavirus, the centre is temporarily closed until further notice to reduce social contact and the risk of spreading the virus in the community.



Inclement Weather Arrangement
Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.8 or above Closed



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