Suppliers of Asbestos Product Substitutes

Under section 2 of the Air Pollution Control Ordinance, Cap. 311 (APCO), asbestos includes the minerals, and substances including the minerals, amosite (known as brown asbestos), crocidolite (known as blue asbestos), chrysotile (known as white asbestos), fibrous actinolite, fibrous anthophyllite and fibrous tremolite. Before 1980s, these asbestos containing products were widely used in different areas because asbestos fibres are strong, durable, and resistant to heat and wear. Scientific and medical researches show that inhalation of asbestos fibres causes serious diseases such as asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. The World Health Organisation's International Agency for Research on Cancer has thus classified all types of asbestos as definite human carcinogen (Group 1).

Since 4 April 2014, the HKSAR Government has banned the use, supply, import and transshipment of all types of asbestos and asbestos containing material. Please click here to obtain the details.

In order to help switching from the use of asbestos products to safer and more reliable substitutes, we have compiled a List of Suppliers of Asbestos Product Substitutes to provide both the industries and general public with useful information about asbestos substitutes. Users can use the list to search for suitable companies supplying asbestos substitutes.

Should your company wish to be included in the list, please send us (via mail or fax) the company’s information together with the products’ details (e.g. product description, manufacture location, material content, application, etc.).

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The information of each company in the list is supplied by that company. The HKSAR Government does not warrant or guarantee that the contents of this list are accurate or complete and disclaims any responsibility to the users of this list and the companies mentioned therein in respect of any errors therein. The inclusion or non-inclusion of any companies does not in any way constitute any recommendation or disapproval by the HKSAR Government.

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