Installation and Maintenance of Particulate Reduction Devices

Air Pollution Control (Emission Reduction Devices for Vehicles) Regulation

To reduce the air pollution caused by particulate emissions from diesel vehicles, the Government completed in 2001 a subsidy scheme to assist retrofitting particulate reduction devices in pre-Euro diesel vehicles (i.e. diesel vehicles that was first registered before the implementation of the Euro I emission standards ) of permitted gross vehicle weight up to four tonnes.  To keep the particulate emissions of these vehicles under effective control, the Air Pollution Control (Emission Reduction Devices for Vehicles) Regulation came into force from 1 December 2003 requiring them to be properly installed with approved particulate reduction devices. 

In 2004, we also completed a similar voluntary programme for pre-Euro heavy diesel vehicles weighing more than 4 tonnes, except those requiring the operation of on-board equipment when idling (i.e. long idling vehicles).  In line with the policy applicable to light diesel vehicles, all pre-Euro heavy diesel vehicles, except those long idling ones, are required to be installed with approved particulate reduction devices from 1 April 2006.

From 1 April 2007, the installation of approved particulate reduction devices are also mandatory for local long-idling pre-Euro heavy diesel vehicles, for which we completed a subsidy scheme in 2005 to install particulate reduction devices in them.

Key Requirements of the Air Pollution Control (Emission Reduction Devices for Vehicles) Regulation

Under the Regulation, the following motor vehicles (i.e. scheduled vehicles) shall have been properly installed with particulate reduction devices that have been approved by Director of Environmental Protection and are maintained in good working condition:


From 1 December 2003 :

i)    diesel private cars, light buses and light goods vehicles of permitted gross vehicle weight up to four tonnes and first-registered on or before 31 March 1995;

ii)    diesel taxis first-registered on or before 31 December 1995.


From 1 April 2006 :


diesel buses, light buses and goods vehicles of permitted gross vehicle weight over four tonnes and first registered on or before 31 March 1995. [Diesel "goods vehicles" registered with any of the following types of body are excluded: "aerial platform", "concrete mixer", "gully emptier", "lorry crane", "mobile crane", "mobile concrete pump" or "pressure tanker".


From 1 April 2007 :

iv) diesel goods vehicles that only operate within Hong Kong and are of permitted gross vehicle weight over four tonnes and first registered on or before 31 March 1995 with any of the following body types:
  • concrete mixer
  • gully emptier
  • lorry crane
  • pressure tanker”.
  (“Vehicles only operate within Hong Kong” are those without cross boundary closed road permit issued or the cross boundary closed road permits issued have expired over 3 months.)

Scheduled vehicles that fail to meet the above requirements cannot pass the annual roadworthiness examination for licence renewal and may not have their vehicle licences renewed. Also, when an on-road scheduled vehicle is found contravening the above requirements, its vehicle licence may be cancelled.




Director of Environmental Protection may also issue written notices requiring an owner of such a vehicle to produce the vehicle for examination at a date, time and place specified in the notice. Vehicle owners who fail to comply with the written notice may be prosecuted and are liable to a maximum fine of $5,000 upon conviction.


Selecting an Approved Particulate Reduction Device

In selecting an approved particulate reduction device for installation in a scheduled vehicle, vehicle owners should note the following key points:

  1. Select approved devices ---- vehicle owners can visit the following offices of the Environmental Protection Department to inspect, free of charge, the register of approved emission reduction devices.

    EPD Headquarters 33/F Revenue Tower, 5 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
    Regional Office (South) 2/F Chinachem Exchange Square, 1 Hoi Wan Street, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.
    Regional Office (East) 5/F Nan Fung Commercial Centre, 19 Lam Lok Street, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon.
    Regional Office (West) 8/F Tsuen Wan Government Offices, 38 Sai Lau Kok Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories.
    Regional Office (North) 10/F Shatin Government Offices, No.1 Sheung Wo Che Road, Shatin, New Territories.
     Download the Register of Approved Emission Reduction Devices for Pre-Euro Diesel Vehicles.(pdf format)

  2. Identify suitable approved devices ---- vehicle owners should select appropriate approved particulate reduction devices according to the application of the vehicles (such as vehicles that only operate in Hong Kong, cross boundary vehicles, or long idling vehicles which only operate in Hong Kong). Vehicle owners should seek from suppliers of approved devices details about their devices' construction, installation, operation and maintenance including fuel restriction, daily maintenance requirements and components that need to be maintained and replaced regularly, etc. for selecting devices that can match their daily operation. In purchasing a suitable approved device, vehicle owners should obtain a copy of the installation, operation and maintenance manual of the device from the supplier.

  3. Fully understand the service provided by the suppliers ---- notwithstanding that the particulate emission reduction performance of all the approved devices have been vetted by Director of Environmental Protection, it is the suppliers' responsibility to ensure that the quality of their individual devices meet the required specification. Therefore, owners should check from device suppliers the warranty terms, after-sale service and arrangement for product replacement, etc., such that they can follow up with the suppliers or claim damages in case their devices have problems.

Important Notice to Vehicle Owners

Vehicle owners should follow the instructions of the installation, operation and maintenance manuals provided by the suppliers of approved devices to ensure that the device(s) is/are properly installed and maintained in good working condition.

Approved particulate reduction devices can reduce vehicle emissions. Nevertheless, vehicle owners should still ensure their vehicle(s) is/are properly maintained to prevent excessive exhaust emissions or black smoke.

How to obtain more information?

To obtain more information, please contact the Mobile Source Group of the Environmental Protection Department at Room 4518, 45/F., Revenue Tower, 5 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
Hotline : 2838 3111
Fax number : 2877 8690

Note: Suppliers who are interested in seeking DEP approval for their emission reduction devices for pre-Euro diesel vehicles and supplying them to Hong Kong should read the Application Guidelines.

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