Approved Equipment for Recovering and Recycling Controlled Refrigerants

Under the provisions of the Ozone Layer Protection (Controlled Refrigerants) Regulation, any person who recovers or recycles a controlled refrigerant must

  • use equipment approved by the Director of Environmental Protection (DEP)(please see the Approval List); and
  • operate the equipment according to the instructions issued by the equipment's manufacturer.  

Application for Approval of Refrigerant Recycling Equipment  

Any person who wants to apply for approval of refrigerant recycling equipment should write to DEP at the following address:

Air Science and Modelling Group,
Environmental Protection Department,
33/F, Revenue Tower,
5 Gloucester Road,
Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

For Enquiry:  
Tel No.: 2594 6225
2594 6593
Fax No.: 2827 8040
Email :

Information provided should be of sufficient details to demonstrate the technical capacity of the equipment to perform as a refrigerant recycling equipment. The submission should comprise

  1. a completed application form (please click the link for a specimen or download an application form); and
  2. supporting information about the equipment under the application. It should include manufacturer’s literatures showing the equipment specifications, working principles, design, safety features, and operational procedures.

There is no charge imposed on the application, and it will normally be processed in two weeks

Applicants will be notified of the result of application in writing. All equipment approved will be compiled in a list of equipment approved by DEP for the recovering and recycling of controlled refrigerants. And the approval will be further signified by a Gazette notice.


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